Explore 70 patterns with 400+ supporting examples from iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian applications.


Design patterns for mobile applications are emerging as the platform matures. Theresa Neil's new book "Mobile Design Pattern Gallery" provides solutions to common design challenges. There is inspiration on every topic from designing your application's navigation to choosing the right invitation technique.

Chapter 1: Navigation, Images and updates on SlideShare
Chapter 2: Forms
Chapter 3: Tables
Chapter 4: Search, Sort & Filter, Published on Smashing Magazine
Chapter 5: Tools
Chapter 6: Charts
Chapter 7: Invitations, Published on UXBooth
Chpater 8: Feedback & Affordance
Chapter 9: Help
Chapter 10: Anti-Patterns

Recent Praise

"I rate this book 9 out of 10, it's fantastic, what I need without the bells and whistles of theory I don't need." Doron Katz

"I've been waiting for a reference like this to come out for a while. Now that it's out, it hasn't left my side in weeks. I downloaded the kindle version to use on my iPad so I could quickly reference patterns on the fly." Donna Lichaw